Call Rates

24X7Calling offer best quality CLI routes to all the destinations. We are offering all destinations at attractive rates. Please look below to check the rate for CLI Route.

If you feel the CLI rates are high and you want to have semi premium and normal quality routes contact us. Email us your requirement at and we will try to provide you with the best of the rates possible.

Pay as you go

Country Price (USD) Prefix
BANGLADESH, Dhaka 0.02360 8802
BANGLADESH, Mobile 0.02220 8801
BANGLADESH, Proper 0.02360 880

Important Note:-

  • The above prices are in USD
  • You will be charged in USD as at the moment our system works on USD currency.
  • Prices are per minute bases.
  • Per second billing.
  • Looking for more cheaper rates we do have semi premium & normal routes. Contact us to know more